I’m working on several projects simultaneously: the intro module Tomb of the Iron God, a book of encounters and treasures, a book of tables, and a book of monsters.  The monster book is basically a compilation of many monsters from the past, plus the ones from the 3e SRD that are good – several are.  Since these are for 0e and S&W, familiar monsters are often very slightly weaker than the 1e versions – this reflects that stat bonuses in 0e are generally lower than in 1e than in 0e – just as the characters are a bit weaker in 0e, so are these monsters slightly weaker than their 1e counterparts.

Although this isn’t the first time there’s been an expanded monster book for 0e, I think it will be quite good.  I’m putting in some new monsters of my own design, too, of course, but they’ll be far outnumbered by the familiar ones from 1e.

I’ll probably also put a “stat block” for the monsters with each entry, so for those who compose adventures on the computer it will be easy to cut and paste from the pdf.

This one’s definitely going to have the production values of a hobby publication, not a slick commercial publication.  If S&W ever gets to the point where distributors are clamoring for it in stores, then I’ll consider doing a slicker edition of it, but for now it’s just to make a nice “compendium” for 0e.

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