11/13/09 Running for Autism

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11/13/09 Running for Autism

Postby Mythmere » Fri Nov 13, 2009 4:58 pm

At the expo for the marathon today, I met up with a group called "OAR" which is "Organization for Autism Awareness." I'm going to be running for them (wearing the shirt, etc.) to raise money for autism research.

If anyone wants to sponsor me for the run, the little personal fundraising website they made for me is at: http://www.firstgiving.com/mattfinch

After the run, I will try to post up a picture of me running - or, if it's later in the race, crawling.

I also saw a great t-shirt at the expo, which reads, "If found in the road, please drag across finish line."

I'm on the hotel's computer, so I can't do a long post, but wish me luck and please consider giving some cash to the charity. In the future, I may link it up with some sort of gaming thing - a free resource or something - but at the moment all I've got is the link.

I'll be back on line more frequently after Monday or Tuesday.

EDIT: The website for the charity itself is www.runforautism.org
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