9/14/10 Work Update

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9/14/10 Work Update

Postby Mythmere » Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:30 am

There's a lot of activity for the November launch that I don't see; a couple of Pathfinder products are coming out around the same time (Splinters of Faith and another Tsar installment, I think, but don't quote me on that). Artists are working at the interior illustrations, cartographers are at work, and most of all the layout artist, Chuck, is basically working around the clock. The S&W books will require a different layout from the PF books because they'll have much smaller page counts without the long Pathfinder stat blocks, so he's got twice as much work as anyone else.

I've worked with cartographer Robert Altbauer (I think I've got his last name correct) on the maps for Spire of Iron and Crystal, and I'm working with Rowena on the interior illustrations for the Complete Rulebook; also with more than one artist out of Spain for the interior illustrations of the City Book; Melan is adding to his nocturnal city encounters; editing questions and comments are shooting back and forth on the Rulebook; I'm working on the Fane edits ... I've also seen the first map for Ice Tower of the Salka but not the other levels. It's pretty hectic to work on this many projects at once.

Okay, so this blog entry is mainly just whinging. :D It looks like roughly half of what's going to come out right at the time of launch will be recycled-but-improved (like adding Melan's encounters to the City Book and getting art in there; nice maps for Ice Tower to replace my Dungeoncrafter-generated ones, etc.), and about half will be brand-new (the rules, Fane, the second half of the Deskbook, probably a S&W Splinters of Faith, Dennis Sustare's module, etc.). After that, it's all new material, and there is a lot in the pipeline from a whole second wave of authors (James Boney, for example, is working on one). The first wave is probably going to be a little bit shell-shocked once November has rolled around. :shock:
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Re: 9/14/10 Work Update

Postby Grim » Tue Sep 14, 2010 3:14 pm

adding Melan's encounters to the City Book

Woah! I still though the original was perfect, though.
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